November 15th, 2022


Schaghajegh Nosrati receives the quarterly award of the German Records Critics Association for her recording of Bach´s Well-Tempered Clavier


"With crystal clear, almost pedalless conciseness, Schaghajegh Nosrati creates a fantastic, lively balance between structural logic and the deeper layer of changing emotional profiles. The result is a fascinating interplay between pulse and construction, between movement and architecture. The young pianist approaches the actual »naked« truth of these constellations without esoteric frills or spiritual fog but with a constantly flowing, purposeful tempo, which she sets in motion in an astounding clarity as a real polyphonic interaction so that the course of each individual voice is experienced in the fugues as a living human sound speech." (Attila Csampai)

Photography: Jakob Tillmann
Photography: Jakob Tillmann



Free audio stream of Schaghajegh Nosrati´s concert in Pierre Boulez Hall Berlin (19.10.2022) with Bach´s Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1 via this Link (click)